Hand-Tied Hair Extensions FAQs

It’s no surprise we get questions ALL. THE. TIME. about our most popular service. We’ve done our best to include answers to EVERY single question we’ve gotten from inquiring women via email, DM, or even inquiring clients in the salon. If by chance you don’t see your question answered here, you can email us and we will not only answer you, we’ll also add your question to this ever-growing database of Q+A!

What method of extensions do you do?
We have been trained by leading extension artists across the country in multiple hand​-tied weft installation methods and have combined our knowledge of multiple techniques to utilize the best aspects of some and eliminate the flaws of others. Erin’s Heyday Hand-Tied installation technique allows for pain-free installation, customization to each client, and a seamless blend that is easily concealed within the client’s natural hair.

How much do your extensions cost?
We are very transparent about our pricing for both initial installation services and maintenance appointments so that there are never any surprises! Pricing listed on our services page is for the service ONLY which includes hair color and hand-tied hair installation. Under each installation option you will also see that we list the typical amount spent on hand-tied wefts for each installation option.

How often do I have to come in for maintenance appointments?
Maintenance appointments are recommended every 6-8 weeks. At each maintenance appointment we will touch up your hair color and your extensions, and you’ll leave feeling as fresh as the day they were first installed! Maintenance appointments can be pre-booked (up to 2) or booked online 24/7.

What extensions methods have you been trained in?
We have been trained in:
  • Natural Beaded Rows / NBR
  • Habit Extension Method
  • Laced
  • Invisible Bead / IBE
  • SKW

We have learned valuable elements of installation from each of these methods and now use Erin’s own Heyday Hand-Tied method on all our clients. We host occasional workshops on the Heyday Hand-Tied method and also continue to participate in or own advanced education annually.

How long do appointments take?
We typically reserve 5-6 hours for the initial installation appointment. It is our first time seeing you and typically involves more time spent in consultation, hair color, weft selection, and your unique placement. Your maintenance appointment will typically last 3-5 hours depending on what we do with your hair color at each visit.

Should I pack a lunch?
​You’re welcome to bring anything you’d like to snack on during your appointment, but we do have a variety of healthy gluten-free and grass-fed snacks and sweets available, as well as the Heyday Collective signature latte, sparkling waters, rosé and champagne! Should your appointment last longer than 5 hours, we are more than happy to order lunch for you!

Do Hand-Tied Extensions Hurt?
​Proper technique is critical to a pain-free installation and comfortable 6-8 week grow-out. We are so sorry if you have experienced pain from other hand-tied extensions in the past! There are a variety of factors that may have contributed to that, but we’re happy to report that we have no complaints of pain from our clients, and will do everything to make sure you are comfortable during your appointment and for the duration of your experience with your hair!​

How long will the extensions last before I have to buy new hair?
All extension hair differs when it comes to lifespan, but it can last up to a year with proper care. Rest assured we will go over all the in-salon and at-home care required to keep your extensions looking their best.

When replacing hair, we recommend NOT mixing new hair with old hair and instead purchasing an entire new set of wefts in one appointment around the 7-9 month mark.

Do I need to come in for a consultation first?
No! We do all of our consultations via our virtual consultation form that will assist you in booking the appropriate initial installation appointment, and we reserve time at each installation appointment to consult thoroughly before we begin. Because we specialize in hand-tied extensions, we keep plenty of hair in stock to be able to choose a perfect blend that we will custom color for your unique installation, so matching your hair to a swatch ahead of time is unnecessary, and you will only pay for hair that we use during your installation.

Can I wear my hair up with these extensions?
Yes! You can style your hair pretty much any way you want to with these extensions and they can be perfectly concealed! Because of the unique installation method and the extra effort we put into custom coloring your extension hair to blend perfectly with your natural hair, no one will ever know you have them (unless you want them to)!

Can I go swimming with my extensions in?
While I would love to say yes, salt water and chlorine from swimming pools can potentially reduce the longevity of your extensions. The salt and chemicals can dry out the hair, contributing to tangling and matting issues, and potentially leave them discolored as well. If you still plan on swimming, getting your hair wet and using a leave-in conditioner before putting your hair into a braid, and then rinsing immediately post-swim, will help avoid damage!

Is it true that sunscreen can discolor my extension hair?
It IS true that some sunscreens contain an ingredient that can discolor your blonde hair and make it very difficult to correct. If you must wear sunscreen, we recommend pulling your hair up and not letting it touch your skin until you have had a chance to thoroughly wash the sunscreen off your skin.

Can I bring in my own hair for you to install?
Unfortunately, no. We have a very high level of standard when it comes to the quality and ethical sourcing of the extension hair that we use, and cannot guarantee the quality or know the true source of the hair unless it is purchased directly through Heyday Collective.

Can I get extensions without getting hair color?
Your initial installation appointment includes hair color to both your hair as well as your extension hair. All of my clients receive some sort of hair color service to their natural hair to make sure the extension hair blends beautifully and looks natural and seamless. It is RARE that a client does not get color at her initial installation appointment but it is possible, however, know that this will not affect your initial install appointment price.

Can my regular stylist do my color and you just do my extensions?
No. We understand and appreciate your loyalty to your current stylist. Unfortunately, there’s just no way for us to guarantee consistency or a perfect blend of your extensions with stylists at two different salons working on your hair color, especially when not every stylist is used to working with extension hair. Extensions are an investment and we wouldn’t risk potentially ruining them. If you’re ready to take the plunge with extensions with us, you’re all in!

How do I know you can do the color I want?
We do NOT take on clients requiring a color correction (dramatic change from dark to light or light to dark) or vivid colors (purple, blue, etc), and chances are you found us because of a photo you saw of our work. Take a close look at our portfolio on Instagram and that will give you a better idea of our areas of expertise! If you’re still having doubts, maybe we’re not the right artists for you.

Can I get my extensions moved up without getting my color done every time?
Yes. There are a variety of complementary color + styling services to book with your tightening. While we always recommend a color service so that we have time to touch up your extensions as well, you CAN opt to just receive a shampoo and style for a quicker and less expensive appointment. We are all for this idea, but for best results, we do not recommend selecting the shampoo + style option more than once between color appointments so that we have the opportunity to refresh your color on a somewhat consistent basis.

I need gray coverage every 4 weeks. Can we make this work?
Yes. We will likely schedule your extensions maintenance appointments every 8 weeks, and schedule a base color touchup every 4 weeks between your extensions maintenance.

If you are interested, we would love to help you transition your gray coverage service to a gray BLENDING service, which requires less maintenance, is much less harsh-looking when growing out, and a more modern approach to dealing with grays.

I want to be super blonde. Can you do it?
We will have a better idea after our first appointment, and will be 100% up-front with you about what is realistic and achievable. Not everyone’s hair can maintain or endure the lightening processes required to get to their dream-level of brightness and there might be a certain point where we have to create a new end goal. The integrity of your hair will always be our number one priority, and we will always keep you informed through every step of our journey! That being said, we ALWAYS advise a more lived-in look!

I already have hand-tied extensions from another stylist. What service should I book with you?
As a new client, you’ll still choose from the Initial Installation menu when booking your first appointment with us, based on the number of rows you want reinstalled. If we believe your extension hair is in good condition and can be reused, you will not have to purchase new hair. Keep in mind we do not remove tapes or bonded extensions, and if you have significant tangling or matting, there will be an extra charge for removal!

Are you accepting new clients?
We are always accepting new inquiries. New extensions clients always have the opportunity to be on a waitlist and will be contacted as soon as appointments become available.

Do you offer hair extensions in different lengths?
We currently keep a large stock of colors in 18″ however, some colors may be ordered in 14” or 22″. Not all colors are available in all lengths. If you would like to purchase 14” or 22″ extensions, you must let me know at the time of booking your installation. If you are a current client wishing to purchase hair in a different length, you must pre-pay a non-refundable retainer for your new hair at the time of pre-booking, or at least 4 weeks in advance of your next appointment.

Can you tell me more about what it’s like to take care of hand-tied hair extensions at home?
Of course! Taking care of extensions at home can be a bit of an adjustment, but most women say it’s like being high-maintenance one or two days a week to be LOW maintenance every other day! You can read more details about taking care of your hair at home by CLICKING HERE.

We hope this post covered every question you could ever think of, but just in case it didn’t, feel free to email us so we can get your questions answered. If you’re ready for your transformation, head on over to our Hand-Tied Hair Extensions page to fill out your virtual consultation form now! We look forward to working with you soon!


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